The Careers Officers of Warwick Law Society are recruiting a subcommittee! This role involves liaising with international firms to help co-ordinate our award-winning careers events throughout the year - including our Careers Dinner and open days. If you are interested, please send a CV and a 100-word paragraph explaining why you would be suited to this role to warwicklawsoc.careers@gmail.com




Promoting our events in fun and creative ways are so important to ensure its success! Looking for people to join the Publicity team!


- Video filming/editing

- Photography

- Photoshop/design skills/creative skills

If interested, please email K.Sitartha-Raja-Kumaran@warwick.ac.uk with about 100 words as to why you’re suited for the role. Please also attach any creative projects that you have been involved in// examples of photographs that you have taken (if photography is your interest).  No experience required but you must be keen and dedicated! Interviews will be conducted in the beginning of term :)



We’re currently recruiting for 2 individuals to be part of the Social Subcommittee. As a team member, you will help us organise some of the biggest events on Warwick campus and will help in the planning and execution process. We’re looking for enthusiastic and organised individuals who are committed to ensuring that LawSoc maintains its reputation as having some of the best socials out there!

Please send a paragraph (no more than 200 words) to Sai at S.ahluwalia@warwick.ac.uk, explaining why you want to be part of the subcommittee and what you think you can bring to the team. Interviews will take place within the first fortnight of Term 1.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

- Sai and Bogdan (your fave Social Secs)




We are now recruiting for the Mooting sub committee! If you are interested in joining please send a 250 word paragraph on why you would like to join to warwickmoot@gmail.com by the 31st of August 2018. 

We are also recruiting two people to run the First Year Mooting Competition during term 1 of next year. If interested please write and send 150 words on why you think you would be suitable for this role and send it to warwickmoot@gmail.com by the 31st of August. We will have Skype interviews for those shortlisted during September. Best of luck!



Want to join Seneba’s Academic and Welfare team? Applications are now open and interviews will take place in week 1, term 1. Each response should be no more than 250 words. Please send applications to S.Jama.1@warwick.ac.uk with the subject being ‘Your name – the role you are applying for’. In your applications please include; year of study, degree course, relevant experience and motivation for the role.

Below are the details of the roles:

Academic team x2

  • Helping Seneba in reassuring members academically

  • Support in organising academic sessions

  • Carrying out lecture shout-outs to raise awareness of workshops and sessions

Welfare team x2

  • Commitment to improving the welfare of students

  • Support in organising welfare series including de-stress sessions

  • Contributing ideas to the fortnightly top tips

  • Willingness to liaise with the Wellbeing Support Service and SSLC

Please note that all team members will be expected to help with all Academic and Welfare events for Warwick Law Society and specific roles are simply an opportunity to lead in preparation.

Skills required:

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Teamwork

  • Organisation

  • Commitment to enhancing the academic experience of members

  • Passion for the welfare of students

Good luck!




In an attempt to increase Non-Law participation in the coming academic year, we will also be launching a Non-Law sub-committee.

Applications should be no more than 200 words, briefly outlining why you are interested in the role, and submitted before September 1st 2018. We will be looking to recruit students from a variety of disciplines, so please email our Non-Law Officer, Dan, on D.Mair@warwick.ac.uk. As a member of the sub-committee, you will be expected to attend events and promote them within your different subject departments.

Interviews will be held within the first week of term, and any decisions announced shortly after.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with the society, and further your own CV. Good luck!



Do you want to be involved in making Law Ball 2019 the best one yet? If the answer is yes, you can already express your interest in becoming a subcommittee member up until October 2018 by directly contacting Elizabete Ludborza, the Law Ball Coordinator, at E.Ludborza@warwick.ac.uk. However, formal applications and interviews will take place within the first couple of weeks of Term 1. Specific dates for applications will be announced closer to the time. Any further questions regarding Law Ball 2019 should be addressed to Elizabete Ludborza.




At Obiter Dicta, we are proud to announce that we are opening applications for the positions of Deputy Editor and Arts Director for the year ahead! We are looking for motivated and experienced students who are willing to go the extra mile to join our team, looking towards producing a spectacular issue of the journal, as well as maintaining our online blog. The role descriptions are as follows:

Deputy Editor:

  • Will be involved in the procurement process of articles

  • Ideally, candidates are fairly well-connected across campus, perhaps with involvement in different societies and/or clubs, and be willing to maximise those links to find potential writers

  • Would preferably have a base of understanding and interest in the legal field, current affairs, or lifestyle writing

  • A piece of writing will be required to talk about in the interview

Arts Director:

  • Will be responsible for oversight of the Arts Team

  • Will liaise with the Digital Production Team, photographers, and illustrators

  • Ideally, candidates will have a coherent, clear artistic vision for the magazine and will be able to articulate this at interview

  • Should be adept at utilisation of arts or design software in order to be able to pull together all aspects of the publication

  • A paragraph outlining how you envision the OD publication will be required, as will some demonstration of your ability to use arts or design software

Please send your applications to obiter.dicta.magazine@gmail.com with the subject line as your name and the position you are applying for – e.g. “MOHAMMED ABRAAR – OBITER DICTA CO-EDITOR”. Applications should consist of - your name, degree subject, year of study, relevant experience and any other information, including ideas that you have for the magazine as a whole. 

The deadline to apply is Friday 28 September 2018 at 6pm – those invited to interview will be informed as such, with interviews being held in the first week of term, and results announced shortly after. Feel free to email the same address for more information.