Term 1

During the first few weeks of term 1, we were mainly responsible for the integration of our new freshers. In order to attract the highest number of first-years, we hosted a wide range of events so that they could meet the current executive member of LawSoc and get a feel for the society as a whole.



Our first event of the year was Meet the Exec, which was presented in the form of a Jimmy Kimmel Late Night Show. Both of us (Sai and Bogs, your Social Secs) presented the show. The goal of this event was to present every executive member to our new first-year students. We started off with a game called “one truth two lies” for each exec member. Freshers were asked to use their phones to vote on what they believed to be the truth. After this, we interviewed the exec members in groups of 2 or 3. In the interview, they clarified what their role was within LawSoc and what freshers could expect from them. In between interviewing the exec members, we held interactive challenges involving both the first-years and exec members. After the event, first-years had the opportunity to socialise with the executive committee.


In the same week of Meet the Exec, we hosted an informal event at Bar Fusion. This event provided every first-year with the opportunity to socialise with each other and older LawSoc members. This event proved to be a success as most freshers got the chance to meet their fellow course mates while also meeting older LawSoc members. Towards the end of this event, multiple mixed groups of first-years and older-years formed and left together to enjoy the start of the weekend by either continuing the night at another bar or a night club.


As a tradition, LawSoc hosts the icebreaker event at Assembly and we decided to honour this tradition by continuing it. Although this event was focusing on first-years, we invited every LawSoc member to join us on a night out at local night club Assembly. Prior to going to Assembly, we hosted a circling session with over 100 people. All participants were split up into groups of approximately 20. Over 2 hours total, we played a variety of drinking games. Once again, this proved to be a success as most first-years had the opportunity to meet fellow first-years, while also bonding with the people they already know. Once we finished circling, we went to Assembly and had a night full of fun, banter and alcohol.


The most anticipated event of term one is coming soon! We are going to play Pub Golf with 120 people, split up into a number of teams. Members can expect a free T-shirt, drink deals and guaranteed fun!