Pro Bono Projects 


The Bar Pro Bono Unit

A project dedicated to fundraising for the Bar Pro Bono Unit which is a charity where barristers dedicate their time to reviewing cases of merit for no fee.

Stephanie Fernandes :
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The Death Penalty Project

One of our most popular projects centred around helping lessen the workload for lawyers in American taking Pro Bono cases which could end in death row. Participants and leaders who take part are given the opportunity to apply for several summer internships in the US General Attorney’s Office in America.

Lara Epsley :
Hannah Murray :


 The Disability Research Project

Working with the member of an All Party Parliamentary Group to research the extent of disabled people’s interaction and equality/access to their government. This will culminate in a report which is fed back to Parliament in order to improve the current state of affairs.

Holly Girven :
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 The Law clinic

The Warwick Law Clinic operates with the local law firm Wright Hassall to provide free legal advice to members of the public. At the Warwick Law Clinic, students interview clients alongside trainee solicitors from Wright Hassall to ascertain a client’s legal problem.  Legal research is then undertaken by a student and a letter is drafted, detailing legal advice for the client. The letter is reviewed by a solicitor at Wright Hassall to ensure the advice is accurate and this is then given to the client the following week in a feedback session, or may be posted to the client’s address with their permission.The Warwick Law Clinic operates at the SYDNI Centre in Sydenham.

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Law Trek

This project is centred around inspiring college students to think about higher education or their career prospects, particularly in the field of law. The aim is to debunk the myths that law is inaccessible to many or too daunting a career to consider. This is done through school visits, CV workshops and practical advice given by students, many of whom study law or wish to convert to a career in the law following their degree.

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The personal support unit 

A project which aids litigants in person in a hands on environment through emotional support, practical help filling out forms and discussing their cases as well as attending court with them. This project is partnered with the Coventry Family Court.

Nathan Seedall :


 Restless Beings

A project which focuses on raising awareness and creating discourse about marginalised groups in our society. This is done through fundraising, bringing in speakers to create a dialogue and debate and spreading ideas which can affect real change.  

Mike Fieros :
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 Women in Law

A project which aims to increase participation and equality for women in the legal profession as well as fostering a strong sense of confidence in women who seek a legal career.

Harshini Andugulapati :
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The women’s Project 

A project dedicated to empowering women from disadvantaged backgrounds through fundraising, raising awareness and dialogue. We also have worked with Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse centre in the past and will be doing so this year as well!

Sarina Johal :
Hannah Kendall :

Charlotte de Wolf :


 Youth Inspire

A project dedicated to inspiring children in schools to engage with current events and politics as well as nurturing their confidence and ambition. This consists of several school visits per term, some consisting of presentations and workshops, others with seminars dealing with different themes and issues each time.