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Pro Bono Officer for the year 2018/19 - Arwa Rahma

If you have any questions about our current projects or setting up a new one please do not hesitate to contact for more information.

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What is Pro Bono?

Pro Bono is the term for  work undertaken without charge, this is usually legal work for a client on low income.  Pro Bono is arguably the most important part of law and something which should be a part of every good lawyer’s life and career.
Regardless of what area of law we choose to specialise in we should always use the strong voices we develop as lawyers for those who are unable to defend themselves. This is why at Warwick we aspire to get as many people involved in Pro Bono throughout the year through various events and projects we partake in.

Alongside all of our projects, Pro Bono has a strong fundraising component. Our chosen charity to fundraise for this year is Alzheimer's Research UK.


Why is it important?

Pro Bono is becoming increasingly important due to cuts to legal aid in recent years and the consequent rise of litigants in person. In all areas of law people are increasingly trying to deal with their own legal issues rather than pay what can be disproportionate legal fees for people from low income backgrounds. We have a duty as budding lawyers (or students) to try and use our knowledge for the benefit of those who need it most.


What are the projects I can be involved with and whom do I contact?

  1. The Bar Pro Bono Unit

  2. The Death Penalty Project

  3. The Disability Research Project

  4. The Law Clinic

  5. Law Trek

  6. The Personal Support Unit

  7. Restless Beings

  8. Women in Law

  9. The Women’s Project

  10. Youth Inspire

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What events are taking place throughout the year?

We will be raising money for Alzheimer's Research UK throughout the year through various bake sales and events, with our Pro Bono Officer even organising a sponsored skydive in aid of it, if this is something that interests you please do get in touch. We also  run an annual charity pub quiz which will take place in term 2 which has proven very popular each year and is a chance to celebrate our member’s involvement and achievements.

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