Negotiation BIBLE

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The Warwick Law Society Commercial Negotiation Competition is back again this year, running through the Autumn and Spring terms on campus!

In reality, most disputes are settled out of court and therefore the ability to negotiate is paramount for legal careers. If you are not looking for a legal career, participating in negotiations also brings you a valuable range of skills such as teamwork, flexibility and clear communication, which are beneficial for any career path.

This is a great opportunity for students across all faculties (law and non-law) to develop your negotiation skills, and you need not have prior experience to participate!



You will work in pairs and each team will be representing a fictional client. Both teams will be provided with a description of the fact scenario – some facts are known to both teams, but each team has some secrets too. Each team is also given instructions from their client detailing exactly what outcome they should seek – and what should be avoided at all costs. The goal is for the two sides to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Pro tip: The winner is not necessarily the team that walks away with the better deal, but the one which gets closest to their client’s wishes.



Most participants come in without prior experience in negotiations. We understand that, and therefore have planned demo negotiations for you to get a glimpse of what to expect, and also prepared a Negotiation Bible and Q&A session for you in week 1 of the Autumn Term!

On a more exciting note, representatives from Allen & Overy LLP will be judging the finals of the competition!

We are open to all students campus-wide so come join us this coming fall!


Ever watched American TV Series “Suits” and thought that Harvey Specter and Mike Ross – spinning their pens between their fingers sitting across other lawyers at the long meeting table – were cool while they demanded for terms on behalf of their clients? My experience was less dramatic, but very much like that.
— San Wen Ngei, Negotiations Officer