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Here you can find out all you need to know about Mooting, access documents including the Moot Bible and competition timetables, and keep up to date with our events.

Mooting is an advocacy competition which enables you to develop your communication, teamwork, and legal research skills. You can do this by participating in our three internal competitions: the First-Year Mooting Competition, the Internal Mooting Competition, and the Commercial Mooting Competition. While developing your core competencies, mooting is also highly regarded by employers, making it an excellent addition to any application.



The Vis Moot is an international competition that attracts over 300 law schools worldwide. The general rounds of the Moot are held annually in Vienna, preceding which there are pre-moots hosted by top law firms and universities around the world.

As per the Vis Moot website, the goal of the Moot is to ‘foster the study of international commercial law and arbitration for resolution of international business disputes through its application to a concrete problem of a client and to train law leaders of tomorrow in methods of alternative dispute resolution.’ It therefore appeals to a greater number of students who wish to explore the commercial law field on an international scale in the most prestigious moot of its kind. 

The moot problem is always based on an international sales transaction subjected to the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 (otherwise known as the CISG).

The competition consists of submitting written memoranda for both sides of the dispute (which are written jointly by the team), followed by oral hearings in Easter in Vienna. 

The team will be coached by an experienced faculty member and students who have participated in the past. 

The deadline for the first memorandum is Thursday 5th December, the second is Thursday 23rdJanuary 2020 and the Oral proceedings will commence in Vienna from 2nd April 2020 for one week.  

This will be run jointly by the Mooting and Negotiations departments as the Negotiations Officer, Chrislyn, competed in the Vis Moot for her University in Rome.

We are currently trying to assess interest for this competition, so if you could fill out the form below by 10th September if you would be interested in taking part.This is NOT an application form and in no way guarantees or provides a place on the team. At this stage we are just judging interest.

The application process will involve the submission of a 250 word cover letter.

More information about the moot can be found at:

Please contact Kaneeka Kapur, Chrislyn Pereira or Bekki Dunn for more information.


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First Year Mooting Competition 2018/19: congratulations to Kaneeka Kapur and Amber Shah for winning the First Year Mooting Competition sponsored by Ashurst.

Jessup Moot Court Competition 2018/19: congratulations to Nisali Pieris, Annabel Pemberton, James Smith, Ellie Umeyor, and Kálmán Varga for representing the University of Warwick in the national rounds of the Jessup and reaching the quarterfinals.

Intervarsity 2018/19: Warwick Law Society have successfully won the Intervarsity competition against Nottingham Law Society. The competition included a senior and junior moot which were both won. The senior by Raveena Rao and Bekki Dunn, and the junior by Angus Lockheart and Diana Öpik.

INTERNAL Competition Timetable:


If, like me, you had never even heard the word “mooting” before you came to university - have no fear! As a recent First Class Warwick Law Graduate and future trainee solicitor, I promise that mooting is the very best extra curricular activity you can (and should) get involved in.

Mooting is an unparalleled way to develop the essential research skills, advocacy and intellectual curiosity needed to excel in your degree and beyond. Step out of your comfort zone, stand out from the crowd and show us what you can do!
— Demi Joannides - Former Mistress of the Moots (2017/18)
Mooting was one of the highlights of our first years. We decided to try mooting as apprehensive Freshers and, if we’re honest, we didn’t really know what to do at the start! Our main message would be to persevere, even if you are finding it stressful, and be sure to ask for help if it’s getting too much.

Everyone on the subcommittee is there to assist you and make the mooting experience a positive one. We can definitely say that you won’t regret trying mooting, as not only does it teach you skills that you otherwise wouldn’t learn in your degree, it’s so much fun!
— Bekki Dunn and Raveena Rao - First Year Competition and HSF Commercial Competition Winners (2017/18)