As this year’s Obiter Dicta Co-Editors, we’re really excited to start working with new students and returning students alike to give them the opportunity to be published in a magazine that is read by all types of audiences, including law firms. Irrespective of whether you are a Law or a Non-Law student, you can send in your ideas and start working with our team! 

The print magazine will be bi-annual, while blog articles will be published more regularly. The submission topics that we have in mind are varied in their breadth of topics covered. From commercial related topics to socio-political matters affecting the legal field, there will be something for everyone to get involved in at the Obiter Dicta! 

You may be wondering what will be required of you to join us? The answer to that is that no previous experience at all is necessary as long as you have the enthusiasm and the ability to produce the best articles that you can. 

We currently have applications open for the position of Deputy Editor and Arts Director, and will soon have applications opening for Section Editor roles so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, any questions you may have should be directed to:


Term 1

This term, Obiter Dicta has been busy putting together a team of talented writers and editors from all sorts of background, with the aim of creating a journal that is diverse and incredibly insightful. The team has been recruiting new writers all around campus and editing different articles for the 3 subsections that have been chosen for this year: Commercial Awareness, Politics and Technology. As blog posts will be hitting our Facebook page very soon, we are also currently working on the printed issue which will be out in January, as well as our Launch party and talks – something to look forward to in term 2.