Over the last three years Warwick Law Society has been an integral part of my University experience, a sentiment which I hope you too will come to share. Last year I held the position of Mistress of the Moots; a role which focused on the organisation and enhancement of mooting activities at Warwick. As I go into my final year I am honoured to be acting as the Society’s President 2018/19. 

As your President, my vision is centred around two key principles; transparency and inclusiveness. I am committed to diversifying the opportunities, events and advice that Warwick Law Society provides to its members and want to hear from you about the ways in which we can continue to support you through your University experience. Fundamentally, I want to give back to a society which has given such an incredible amount to me. 

I look forward to sharing many LawSoc memories with you all over the coming year!

What do I love most about LawSoc? The people. Our members and executive committee are dependable, encouraging and above all inspiring. I feel incredibly lucky to be sharing this experience with all of you.



I am extremely delighted to have been elected as Vice President for 2018/19. Last year, I enjoyed being your Academic & Welfare Officer, which focused on settling first years into Warwick through a variety of new events. This year, as Vice President, I strive to continue this student-centred approach, with an increased focus on inclusivity and member support. I look forward to managing day-to-day activities, as well as keep you all updated through our famous bi-weekly emails. I am also particularly excited to increase our charity initiatives throughout the year, so be sure to get involved!



My favourite aspect of LawSoc so far is its continued success at providing ample opportunities to enjoy university.




I am delighted to have been elected as your Treasurer for the upcoming year! My role mainly comprises handling the Society’s finances, interacting with sponsors, and liaising with the SU to ensure that the events we provide are both financially viable and beneficial to YOU as the members. I aim to approach the role this year from a slightly different angle to my predecessors, namely in that I intend to broaden our range of sponsors beyond the typical Corporate Law focus to ensure that as many events as possible are relevant and add value to your Warwick  experience, whilst helping you along your career paths, however diverse they may be! In conjunction with this, I will also work closely with Maaya and Angela regarding the day-to-day running of LawSoc to ensure the whole society runs smoothly.

My favourite part of LawSoc, you ask? Over my two years at Warwick, the events the society has organised have been amazing. Whether they be cheap socials or careers dinners, I have always found an opportunity to meet brilliant people and enjoy myself, whilst also adding value to my career


Publicity Officer

I have always been a huge fan and admirer of the Warwick Law Society due to its many events that are both useful and interesting. It was such an honour being elected as the Publicity Officer of the society this year! I am so excited to bring fun and unique changes to the role. Starting with the revamp of the Law Soc website, I'll ensure that the social media platforms are always updated so that our members are well aware of all our events and activities!! I also aim to build on our LawSoc Youtube Account by posting regular videos whether they are to promote future events or to showcase the successes of events past. 



Favourite part? Just how active and inclusive it is. There’s something for everyone and its so beneficial to me. Also, Law Ball cause lets be real. Pictures.




Careers Officers

Warwick Law Society has a name that confers excellence. International law firms know this. Our members know this. We know this too. We will strive to enhance our already-glittering reputation as a society that produces talented, effective, and commercially-aware lawyers. We are excited and honoured to be your Careers Officer for 2018/19. We aim to continue the strong tradition of quality student-tailored events aimed at upskilling all our members who have to enter a highly competitive jobs market. We are keen to work with students of all types, Lawyers and non-lawyers as well as a whole variety of popular graduate recruiters throughout the year so do not hesitate to sign up and get involved- we need your support! Applications are now open to join our sub-committee with roles providing significant exposure to what we do, and the people we work with so get applying ASAP!

Our favourite thing about LawSoc last year was the quality of the events held by the Society which were heavily tailored to students interests and questions, ensuring that LawSoc was a responsive and informative society throughout the year!



Pro Bono Officer

My name is Arwa and I am Law Society’s Pro Bono officer for the upcoming academic year. 
Law society has been a big part of my university career since I was a fresher so I am delighted to play an active role in shaping it. Pro Bono is something I have always been passionate about and what led me to study law. I would encourage everyone to get involved with Pro Bono in some form as there are few things as fulfilling as the knowledge that you are making a real difference in someone’s life. I look forward to seeing the society grow and get even bigger and better next year!

My favourite thing about Law society is that it truly allows you to broaden your horizons in many ways and part of this is that it has allowed me to travel to Berlin and Amsterdam so far.



Bar Soc President

I am so excited to be Bar Society President this year! I want to be as helpful as I can for any aspiring barrister on campus, so feel free to message me about anything! I’m looking forward to organising as many fun but useful events this year that will encourage as many people as possible to consider the Bar as a career. I am especially excited to broaden our Day In The City to places other than London this year and to create a handbook filled with useful information and key application dates.

Favourite thing? The people! Everyone is so kind and fun and always willing to help you out



Negotiations Officer

Having blessed with an opportunity to join the Negotiation Competition last year, I found the experience nothing short of amazing for me personally - from developing an interest in a potential career in law to learning transferable and practical skills and everything in between! With that, I’m humbled to be able to serve as the Negotiations Officer 18/19 after James, and my team and I are already working our best to bring the competition to the next level in the coming year! We’re brainstorming on how to make this an even better experience for everyone, and we hope that you will join us and jump at this opportunity to develop your skills, try out something new, or even just to have some fun!

And what I love about LawSoc? It’s diversity!



Academic and Welfare Officer

I am really pleased to have joined the Law Society Exec which puts me in a great position to build on the amazing work this past year and add value to members’ university experiences. There are lots of exciting things to watch out for such as the survival guide for freshers, the book sale and endless events. Please keep an eye out for upcoming dates for the mentoring social which is available for all members to get involved in; from first years to post graduate students from all disciplines. In the meantime, sign up to be a mentee/mentor - you won’t regret it!


What I love about LawSoc- ‘the fact that I can reassure members academically as well as focusing on improving wellbeing



Non-Law Representative

Hello! My name is Dan, I'm a final year History student and your Non-Law Officer for 2018-19. As your Non-Law Officer, I hope to increase Non-Law participation within Warwicks Law Society, and work with other societies to provide opportunities outside of Law for Legal students. I appreciate that as a History student I am not best placed to advertise opportunities to students that study Maths, English Literature, Economics, Philosophy, Chemistry etc., and so I intend to establish a Non-Law Sub-Committee that provides you with an easier point of contact. I am incredibly excited about the upcoming year, and hope that you are too! If you have any questions at all then please feel free to contact me.'



Sports Officer

I believe Sport at university exceeds its role in not only increasing physical health, but also alleviates the many stresses mentally that comes with undertaking a degree. Having experienced this first hand, the sheer participation in sport can give rise to many meaningful friendships, whilst helping develop leadership, teamwork and organisation skills. My aim for Law Soc Sport is therefore to ensure maximum participation in the teams as well as the many tournaments, sessions and events that will be hosted. Following both Football and Netball league wins last years, I am extremely excited to help replicate such successes that will ensure Warwick Law Soc Sport to continue to thrive.

My favourite thing about Warwick Law Soc is undoubtedly the friendliness of each of its members, helping build the inclusive nature surrounding the society.



Law Ball Coordinator

I am excited to continue my journey with Warwick Law Society by taking on the role of Law Ball Coordinator. In 2016-17, I was your Social Events Coordinator so I am well acquainted with the inner workings of the society and what it takes to create a beautiful event. For Law Ball 2019, I envision an extravagant night filled with carefully thought out details.

My favourite part about being in the Law Society is the people you get to meet along the way. Whether that be through working closely with the amazing exec or interacting with likeminded people at society events. I look forward to getting to know all of you!




Obiter Dicta Editors

Hi! We’re Mohammed and Valentine, your new Co-Editors for Warwick Law Society’s publication, the Obiter Dicta! We’re very excited to have fresh faces join the team and are looking forward to receiving new submissions for the year ahead! This year, we are continuing the print magazine, where your articles will be read by law firms as well as the department, and the blog which is much more accessible to students. We can’t wait for you to join us at the Obiter Dicta! 

OD Love! X

One thing that we love about LawSoc is that being a part of this wonderful community, everyone is given the chance to thrive and succeed




Masters and Mistress of Moot

We are delighted to be working with the Law Society to continue the unique and empowering mooting experience at Warwick. Over the next year, we will endeavour to facilitate more external, inter-university, and even international competitions. Alongside this, we want mooting to be more than just a competition. We want to introduce proactive support sessions and mentoring to help all students improve, and organise social events to bring the mooting community together. We are currently recruiting for our subcommittee so please get in touch to apply.

Mooting love - Nisali & Jack

Our favourite thing about Law Society is, of course, mooting!




Social Secretaries

We genuinely cannot wait to organise and host some of the biggest events on campus for you all in the upcoming year! We want all of our members to feel included in our award-winning society and hope to give you all the opportunity to step away from the stresses of your degree and feel more involved in our lawsoc family! Whether they are de-stress sober events or big nights out we are so excited to be the ultimate dream team and bring you events which are definitely going to be some of your favourite moments of your year!

Our fave thing about law soc is definitely how close knit we are as a society despite coming from such different backgrounds! Stay tuned and stay social x


Tour Secretary

I am thrilled to be your Tour Secretary this year. Attending tour was one of the highlights of my first year and helped cement friendships that will last a lifetime. I wish to host a tour giving the same opportunity to you all, to make amazing memories and explore a European city. Tour is the perfect way to meet new people, escape the ‘Warwick bubble’ and let loose. I cannot wait for this year’s tour. Feel free to talk to me about any suggestions you may have to make tour as incredible as possible!



Favourite thing about Law Soc? My favorite thing is that there is always someone that is willing to help you, whether that be an exec or a member. There is always someone to talk to that can make your day better